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    Our high-scoring ACT instructors have developed a program to help all students raise their ACT scores regardless of their learning style. The ACT can be daunting, that is why Upscore’s team spent years crafting the perfect review course designed to help all students gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

    Save Time with a Personalized Learning Plan

    Once a student completes their ACT diagnostic test, UpScore creates a personalized learning plan tailored to each student’s specific strengths and weaknesses. This maximizes the efficiency of a student’s study time.

    Study Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any Device

    Create a study schedule that works for you! Our content is available 24/7 and can be accessed on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

    Powerful and Detailed Analytics

    Detailed diagnostic reports let students examine their strengths and weaknesses and continually track their progress as they take each of the five full-length practice tests. This allows students to maximize their study time by skipping the content they already know and focusing on what they don’t know.

    User-Friendly Dashboard

    We developed our entire course with students in mind. Student’s personalized dashboard allows them to easily navigate the course, monitor progress, and stay on track for success.

    Test-Taking Strategies

    Conquer the ACT by using our proven test-taking strategies. These strategies along with exposure to ACT practice questions will help student’s gain the confidence to ace the test.

    All ACT Subjects Covered

    UpScore’s comprehensive program is the only resource students need to get a top score on their ACT. UpScore gives students the flexibility to purchase our complete ACT review program or single subjects.


    • 21 Lessons

    • 21 Videos

    • 575 Practice Questions

    • 5 Practice Passages


    • 35 Lessons

    • 35 Videos

    • 640 Practice Questions

    • 5 Practice Passages


    • 6 Lessons

    • 6 Videos

    • 230 Practice Questions

    • 5 Practice Passages


    • 13 Lessons

    • 13 Videos

    • 250 Practice Questions

    • 5 Practice Passages


    • 6 Lessons

    • 6 Videos

    • 8 Practice Essays

    How It Works


    Create a Free Account

    Create an UpScore account and get started for free!


    Take Our Diagnostic Test

    Students can complete the entire diagnostic test or each individual subject as they have time. After completing the test, students can review their results to identify their strengths and weaknesses.


    Follow Your Personalized Learning Plan

    The results from each student’s diagnostic test generates a personalized learning plan. The customized plan maximizes individual study time and results by focusing on what the student needs to learn, not what they already know.


    Take the ACT

    After building knowledge and confidence, students will be ready to conquer the ACT.

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    UpScore’s fully online review course enables teachers, schools, and programs to provide students with high-quality ACT test prep. Through powerful and detailed analytics, we prepare students to be college and career ready.




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    UpScore makes ACT prep easy and hassle-free. Our highly effective learning platform and comprehensive course maximizes student study time and scores. Get started for free!

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